Polythene packaging products include resealable grip seal bags, bubble wrap, foam, corrugated paper rolls and more. These products are quick and easy solutions that protect your items during transportation and storage.

• Ideal for protecting items from exterior factors
• Cost effective means of securing pallets
• Efficient packaging products
• Bespoke options saving on use and thickness

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polythene packaging

Pack King supplies polythene packaging products that ensure protection towards your products. Our range includes:

  • Grip seal bags
  • Refuse sacks
  • Carrier bags
  • Plastic vest
  • Polythene food bags
  • Layflat tubing
  • Machine wrap
  • Stretch wrap

We supply you with high quality polythene products. Our range includes:

  • Stretch Wrap can be used to wrap and secure products during storage and transportation. To prevent this from happening, Pack King offer you stretch wrap that is resistant and that comes in various sizes and thicknesses.
  • Machine Pallet Stretch Wrap comes very handy when you are working with high volume of pallets which require securing through stretch wrap.
  • Lay Flat Tubing is 100 gauge, slightly thinner than our premium version and it allows you to protect products from dust and bacteria.
  • Lay Flat Tubing Premium known as polythene tubing is a continous length of polythene that creates custom bags of almost any shape and size. It protects products from dust and dirt during manufacturing processes and its 200 gauge offers more resistance to tear.
  • Clear Grip Seal Bags are very competitively priced and come in various sizes. The grip provides with strength and protection during transportation, storage, shipping or sale.
  • Polythene Food Bags come in 100 and 200 gauge. Our bags are resistant and perfect for keeping your products in a great condition. we sell food bags in different sizes to suit all your light weight duty applications.
polythene packaging products