Protective Packaging

In today’s demanding market, the last thing you want is product returns based on poor protective packaging. So why not have a look at our protective packaging range? Our products are known for their strength and durability.

• Provides extra protection for goods which may be handled excessively
• Different widths are available
• Increase your productivity process
• Ensure protection for a longer life span

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protective packaging

Pack King supplies protective packaging products that ensure extra protection for goods. Our range includes:

  • Airbags
  • Corrugated paper rolls
  • Foam
  • Jiffy foam rolls
  • Anti-static seal products
  • Self-seal bubble pouches
  • Coloured bubble
  • Loosefill
  • Bubble wrap
  • Edge protection

Benefits of protective packaging:

  • Bubble wrap allows you to protect delicate products during storage and transportation. Our small bubble wrap products vary in sizes, from 3.5mm thickness to 9mm with 50m on a roll. The large bubble wrap with a bigger thickness will absorb vibrations and offer better protection.
  • Biodegradable Loosefill is great for packaging within small empty spaces, helping cushion products packed within boxes.
  • Corrugated Paper Rolls are very efficient packaging for products which are uncommonly shaped or bulky. These are great for helping preserve items which are delicate or non scratch resistant.
  • Air Cushioning Packaging are the perfect solution for instant bubble production, if you wish to utilise warehouse space. With different sizes and shapes available, bubbles can be very strong or slightly inflated, allowing foe effective absorption of vibrations and protection of products.
  • Foam Rolls is a very effective use of packaging, commonly used to wrap around items which are bulky and unevenly shapes. Highly flexible, it is used against non scratch resistant surfaces, like painted metals, plastics and glass.
  • Edge Guards are used for products which are delicate around the edges, but also to provide stability to pallets and protect the edge of products which are stacked onto them.
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