Strapping Products

Looking for pallet and packaging strapping products? We offer polypropylene or plastic coils and machine strapping coils which are ideal for securing parcels, bundles and cardboard boxes. Benefits include:

• Twice as strong as polypropylene
• Presents a higher resistance to tension
• Holds and reinforces
• Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses

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Polypropylene Hand Strapping Coil

strapping products coil sizes

Machine Strapping Coil

strapping products machine coil

When you are transporting your products or keep them in storage, you need to use good quality strapping products that will secure your items.

From all materials, polypropylene strap is a very economical material designed for light to medium duty palletising and bundling. Our products come in various sizes and colors to secure different types of unit loads.

strapping products coils

Most uses of strapping products:

  • Bundling items together for handling and shipment
  • Attaching items to pallets
  • Reinforcing corrugated boxes
  • Securing unit loads